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About Sage Consulting Services  

Sage’s Approach…

In every client engagement, Sage Consulting Services takes the time to understand your people, business, and customer needs and then provides cost-effective and practical solutions that address your organization’s unique challenges.


With 10+ years serving small businesses and non-profits, Sage offers proven experience delivering:


  • Increased Productivity in Politically Challenging Environments;

  • Improved Collaborative Results-Oriented Relationships;

  • Broad-Based Strategic, Creative, Operational, and Technical Skills; and

  • Practical Plans, Tools, and Techniques.

About Barbara Alevras, PMP
Barbara’s Background and More…

As principal and founder of Sage, Barbara Alevras, PMP, uses her extensive experience in strategy, marketing, project, and operations management to help you launch new initiatives or save those in trouble. She partners with you to achieve your strategic goals and specializes in moving initiatives forward in challenging environments.


Barbara demonstrated success by:


  • Solving complex problems and strengthening cross-functional relationships;

  • Developing and promoting innovative programs, processes, and services that increase operational efficiency; 

  • Created successful marketing communications strategies for both corporate and non-profit organizations; and

  • Identifying new revenue streams and enhancing customer/donor relations.

Corporate Experience

Before founding Sage Consulting Services, Barbara worked at an international financial services firm for more than 10 years. She managed hundreds of product development and implementation projects with many of the largest insurance companies in North America. She was also responsible for several operations departments, including a national call center that serviced 120 corporate clients and 49,000 account holders representing $8 billion in assets.


Barbara's went on to work at an international technical consulting company to improve and oversee an ISO 9001-compliant methodology. She facilitated senior management’s response to more than 120 large and complex public sector (government) opportunities annually. Her process improvements resulted in eliminating all technical consulting project losses.


Throughout her time working in large global companies, Barbara developed numerous successful corporate and non-profit marketing communications strategies. 

How Sage Came to Be

Soon after September 11, 2001, Barbara left the corporate world.  


She spent the next two years serving on several local and national non-profit boards, pursuing additional professional and academic credentials, and examining her professional goals.


During this time, Barbara also provided job search coaching and facilitation services to dozens of mid-to-senior level professionals in transition.


In 2003, Barbara decided not to pursue a position in a large corporation. Instead, she launched her own business, Sage Consulting Services, to use the valuable skills and experience she has to serve smaller organizations with big ideas and limited resources.  


For details regarding Sage’s current offerings, visit Sage's Services page. 

Who's the 'We'?

You may notice the use of the word “we” throughout this site. That’s because Barbara partners with a select group of talented independent consultants. These experienced professionals are specialists in diverse fields and provide valuable additional support to ensure all your needs are met.

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