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Upcoming Events

Sage offers numerous virtual and on-site learning opportunities throughout the year.


Catering to the needs of groups of all sizes, our events provide interesting and practical information designed to improve individual and organizational performance. You leave each highly interactive session with easy-to-apply ideas and resources you can put into action immediately.


We continuously update the schedule with additional workshops, speaking engagements, webinars, and teleclasses. 


We encourage you to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Additional Presentation Topics

Strategic Planning:

  • How to Create a Realistic Strategic Plan

  • Turn Your Ideas into Action with a One-Page Business Plan

  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals that Move Your Organization Forward


Strategy Execution:

  • Making Your Case: How to Promote a New Initiative to Management

  • Develop a Project Planning Process that Works for Your Organization 

  • "Just Enough" Project Management: Key Concepts, Tools, and Techniques 



  • 5 Steps to Social Media Success

  • Brand “You”: Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

  • Create and Curate Content that Attracts and Engages Your Target Audience 

  • Misc. Basic-to-Advanced Social Media Platform Management Topics (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter,  etc.)

Leadership and Management:

  • Building and Managing Effective Remote Teams 

  • Non-Profit Boards: The Difference Between Governance and Management

  • Goal-Based Reporting: Identifying and Monitoring Key Metrics and Meaningful Performance Benchmarks 

  • Managing Difficult Personalities


Professional Development:

  • Networking 101: How to Develop Productive Professional Relationships

  • You Got the Interview. Now What?

  • How to Deliver Constructive Feedback

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile that Demands Attention


This is only a partial list of the topics available; many more are available.  


Email Sage to discuss your needs and inquire about speaking engagements and on-site, customized workshops for your organization.

What Attendees Say

“I thought Barbara’s presentation was excellent...she touched upon all the essential points on making a strong business case with a few new approaches I haven’t thought of before. Good stuff.” ~John, Presentation Attendee - Making Your Case: Promoting Your Project to Management


"Barbara Alevras led me and my colleagues through an intensive day-long workshop…The information provided was clear...Her teaching style was very relaxed...I left feeling as though I understood exactly what I needed to do.  I would highly recommend Barbara to any company." ~Cindy, Director, Non-Profit Organization, Workshop Participant - How to Develop a Business Case


“Have you ever had the experience of thinking you understand something and then hear someone really do a super job of pulling it all together in a cohesive package? Barbara did that for me...My understanding of business cases definitely bumped up skipping over a few notches.  Wow!  Good stuff.” ~Bob, Presentation Attendee - Making Your Case: Promoting Your Project to Management


“Information was concise, informative, and covered sufficiently the media in the given time. Presenter had high energy and was engagingI enjoyed this presentation and would seek more opportunities to hear Barbara.” ~Owner, Small Business, Presentation Attendee – 5 Steps to Social Media Success


“…Allowing the audience to interact first and get comfortable was very effective. The presentation became more of a conversation with someone I felt I knew.” ~Owner, Small Business, Presentation Attendee – Turn Your Ideas into Action!

Very well presented, appreciated that the visual material was also given to us as handouts so we could follow along and make notes.” ~Owner, Small Business, Presentation Attendee – 5 Steps to Social Media Success


“Presentation was very useful.  Most presentations just tell you to go and network it is essential to a job search. I liked the way you engaged the audience and related to what we are going thru both emotionally and intellectually - giving concrete examples and asking about our experiences.” ~Presentation Attendee – How to Develop Productive Professional Relationships


 “I thought the tone and pace of your voice kept me listening - very engaging!  Wanting to hear more!” ~Owner, Small Business, Presentation Attendee – 5 Steps to Social Media Success


I plan to use the content in my personal life as well as professional work as my personal endeavors may become my future work.” ~Presentation Attendee – How to Develop Productive Professional Relationships


“I liked how it was not assumed that all of us knew some basic social media information and it was presented in a manner that didn't make us feel ignorant.  The presenter was very engaging and it was helpful that she gave real life examples of the subject.” ~Owner, Small Business, Presentation Attendee – 5 Steps to Social Media Success


Barbara's ability to limit the scope of the business planning work for a small business owner was very appealing.” ~Owner, Small Business, Presentation Attendee – Turn Your Ideas into Action!

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