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Additional Services

Sage offers additional services that enhance individual and team performance.


Need your team to develop or improve a critical professional skill?


Want an important meeting to be as productive as possible?


Looking for an engaging speaker to make a thought-provoking presentation at an event?


Sage's speciality services help you grow and sustain a successful organization.


Sage provides highly interactive training to individuals and groups.  Our sessions always include resources and best practices participants can put into use immediately after leaving.


Interesting Content. Relevant Topics.


Using “story-telling”, or case studies, and a healthy dose of humor to illustrate key learnings, Sage’s workshops and presentations are:


  • Engaging: Sessions are designed to be interesting, positive, and very interactive.

  • Practical: Participants leave with easy-to-apply tools and techniques.

  • High Quality: Training is delivered by an experienced professional subject matter expert.

  • Convenient: On-site or virtual training caters to your schedule and venue preferences.

  • Cost-Effective: Flexible offerings accommodate every budget.


We deliver customized training that meets your organization's specific development goals.


Contact Sage for details regarding potential topics and availability.  


Be sure to check out Sage's Upcoming Events to find training sessions near you and to read feedback from Sage training session attendees.


Sage leads groups through positive and productive planning and problem-solving discussions.


Help Your Team Clarify Issues, Gain Consensus, and Achieve a Common Goal.


Confident, energetic, and experienced working in politically challenging environments, Sage guides positive and productive strategic planning retreats, project implementation meetings, and problem-solving discussions.


A facilitator is especially valuable when a newly formed group is tasked with an important or time-sensitive goal.  


It’s beneficial to hire an experienced facilitator – someone external to your organization – to encourage positive and productive collaboration.  


A facilitator smooths the path for a group to accomplish its objectives.  A Sage facilitator helps you:


  • Improve group focus, engagement, and commitment.

  • Enhance productivity and project progress.

  • Increase constructive brainstorming and debates.


Contact Sage to discuss your upcoming meeting, retreat, or conference. 

Public Speaking

Sage delivers interesting and interactive presentations to small to large groups.


Need a Charismatic, Energetic, and Motivating Speaker?


Barbara Alevras, PMP, delivers presentations that focus on:


  • Leadership and Governance;

  • Strategic Planning and Execution;

  • Marketing and Social Media; and

  • Project/Process Management.


Barbara boils down complex topics into easy-to-understand-and-apply information and delivers it in an engaging manner.  She ensures you leave her sessions with tangible ideas regarding how to apply what you just learned.


Sage's Presentations are Highly Interactive and Include:


  • Relatable Case Studies and Real-World Examples.

  • Practical “Insider” Tips and Best Practices.

  • Customizable Tools and Templates.


The content of each presentation is customized to meet your company, non-profit, or professional group’s specific needs and interests.


Contact Sage to discuss your event. potential topics, and availability.

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