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Strategic Planning

Is your strategic plan gathering dust? 


If you’re like many small business and non-profit leaders, you devoted time, energy, and potentially money to developing a strategic plan. Then, you got busy. You temporarily “shelved” your plan so you could better manage your daily operations. You begrudgingly abandonned your plan’s goals, intending to revisit them later. “Later” never came.


No plan? No goals? No problem! 


Sage dusts off your strategic plan and puts it into action. Or, if you don’t have a plan, we guide you through an efficient process to create a plan that captures your vision for the future and the goals necessary to achieve it.


Creating a strategic plan is the critical first step towards ensuring your organization remains competitive and profitable.

Strategy Definition

Sage prepares you for the strategic planning process by identifying challenges and critical success factors for creating your new plan.


Preparation is Key to Ensuring the Smooth Launch of Your Strategic Planning Initiative.


To kick-off an efficient and effective strategic planning process, Sage helps you:


  • Establish a realistic planning process and timeline;

  • Compile organizational resource information (e.g., budgets);

  • Gather planning tools and templates; and

  • Identify key stakeholders who will be involved in or impacted by the plan.


Assembling these resources and tools in advance enables you and your team to hit the ground running.


Set Your Strategic Planning Process Up for Success. Contact Sage today!

Strategic Planning

Sage coordinates the creation of a detailed plan to successfully meet your organization’s short- and long-term goals.


A Strategic Plan isn’t Optional. You Need One.


If you’re too busy with your daily operations to consider how to improve your organization, you’re missing out on opportunities to expand, innovate, and better serve your customers and/or key stakeholders.


Developing Your Plan Won’t Consume a Lot of Time and Resources.


There’s no need to “over-architect” your plan with information you don’t need or won’t use. That's wasteful and impractical.


We help you develop a realistic strategic plan that identifies where your organization wants to go and how you’ll get there.  It serves as a “roadmap” for you to meet your goals and ensures your organization focuses on activities that best support your mission.


Create a Better Plan. Realize Better Results. Contact Sage today!

Strategy Assessment

Even the strongest strategic plan requires oversight and occasional adjustments. Periodic evaluations ensure your activities and organizational structure align with current goals.


Sage reviews your existing strategy to evaluate your progress and determine the plan’s relevance to current challenges and goals.


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You and Your Organization.


It’s important that you monitor, manage, and report on the progress towards your strategic plan’s objectives. Evaluating your plan's progress helps ensure your efforts remain relevant and reasonable.


Sage’s assessment activities include:


  • Compiling and analyzing plan performance metrics;

  • Identifying best practices and potential risks; and

  • Proposing updates to plan goals and activities.

Your Needs Evolve. Your Strategy and Goals Should, Too. Contact Sage today to discuss a strategic plan assessment.


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