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Sage Consulting Services provides a wide range of consulting services tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. We work with organizations and individuals, including:


  • Small business owners responsible for developing and implementing strategy that improves or grows the company.


  • Non-profit leaders responsible for meeting the competing needs of multiple internal and external stakeholders.


  • Independent professionals with limited resources who must continually generate new business to remain viable.


We help you achieve measurable revenue, service, and operational improvements as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Strategic Planning

Produce realistic strategic plans that achieve tangible improvements without negatively impacting daily operations.

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Individual and group on-site and virtual training on diverse topics.

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Strategy Execution

Develop and implement practical action plans that enable you to meet your prioritized business goals.

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Productive planning and problem-solving meetings for your organization and teams.

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Create and apply strategies and tactics that improve your organization’s brand presence and revenue.

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Public Speaking

Interesting and interactive presentations to small or large groups.

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Smarter Plans. Better Results.


Sage offers full lifecycle – from idea to implementation and beyond – consulting services to small businesses and non-profits.


We specialize in serving:


  • Smaller organizations with big ideas and limited resources.

  • Organizations experiencing change or struggling with conflict.

  • Busy boards, leaders, and teams seeking objective and strategic counsel and support.


Accomplish More with Less Time, Energy, and Frustration!


Contact Sage Today!

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