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Why Blog? It’s So Last Decade!

With so many people writing so much on the web, you may wonder why anyone wants to contribute to the “bloggerrhea” phenomenon.

I hear you. And I understand that there’s a lot of noise masquerading as news out there. But, that doesn’t stop millions of people from searching the web for resources every single day.

They need help. They need information.

Why deprive these knowledge seekers of your wisdom?

It sounds flippant, but it’s true. Over the years, you accumulated vast amounts of information and experience. Sharing it is a generous thing to do. Plus, let’s face it, it’s a business-savvy thing to do, too.

There’s always room for more interesting views and resources on the web.

Plenty of web surfers are lurking out there, just waiting to find interesting blogs that inspire them to read beyond the headlines. Fortunately, everyone has something to offer.

Each blogger offers a unique perspective based on his or her personal and professional experiences. Moreover, each blogger’s “tone” is as different as their area of focus. Some blogs are serious and academic. Some are more whimsical and funny. Yet others are ridiculously seriously informative and funny.

Blogs are goldmines of information and entertainment!

I jumped on the proverbial blogging bandwagon because I enjoy connecting small business and non-profit leaders to resources that help them meet their goals quickly and cost-effectively.

It’s exciting – energizing even – to share tips, tools, and techniques I mastered during my many years in the corporate and non-profit worlds.

That’s why I’m christening my new and improved Blog with a post explaining why I enthusiastically support the “blog or die” crowd.

I’m eager to lend my expertise by contributing practical advice to business owners and non-profit leaders wandering around the web. I look forward to lively, though respectful, discussions and debates regarding diverse topics.

If you’re interested in learning how to “do business better”, visit this blog often! Better yet, subscribe, so you never miss a post.

And, if you have something to say that will interest or inform others, launch (or revitalize!) your own blog. No one knows what you have to offer unless you take the time to tell them.

So, start blogging and start attracting your target audience!

~CC Image Latte Blog courtesy of filipe93 on Flickr


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